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Lights for Learning 2017

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"Lights for Learning," is a holiday tradition sponsored by the Oscoda Education Opportunity Foundation, is a thoughtful way for you to honor someone special!  Your gift of $5.00 will purchase one light on the Lights for Learning Christmas Tree located at "Mark's Park" on River Road.  Donations are accepted now through December 30th. The names of all those honored with a light will be listed on our website AND our Facebook Page. Names will be added as they are received and will remain on our website throughout the year.

For each donation, the honoree or their family will receive a holiday postcard to let them know that you have thought of them in this special way. All proceeds will benefit the Education Foundation and its work to provide educational opportunities in our community through scholarships for graduating seniors, scholarships for OHS alumni and mini-grants for staff of Oscoda Area Schools.

Donations can be made here using the PayPal link above.  Please add the name(s) and address(es) in the memo portion of the PayPal form.  Donations can also be received through the mail with a check made out to the Oscoda Education Opportunity Foundation (OEOF). Please mail the form to

OEOF, PO Box 694, Oscoda, MI 48750. 

Thank You!

Lights for Learning 2016 Names

OAS 1545

Larry Adams

Nancy Alexander

Susan Alexander

Linda Allen

Richard Allison

Eric Allshouse & Family

Oscoda Education Association

Oscoda Secretary Association

Oscoda Administrators Assoc.

Don Axline

Barbara Baker

Sue Barnhart

Dave Beauchamp

Noble "Buckie" Bell

Don Brick

Maggie Brick

Mendell Cole

Tammy Cox

Sarah Curley

Betty Darst

William Darst

Jackie David

Steven Davio

Ed Davis

Mary Lou Dombrowski

Fr. Charlie Donajkowski

Jay Drew

Penny Eberline

Anissa Emery

OAS Employees

The Allison Family

The Lueck Family

The Manick Family

Kim Farver

Beatrice Morris Feltzer

Pauline Fisk

Noreen Fredenburg

Francis Fredenburg

Paul & Beth Fredenburg

Don H. Fulton

Grandpa George

Scott Gilmet

Martha Golieb

Doris Hart

Emma Hart

Sandy Hernandez

Bradley Hilberg

Ronnie Hill

Bev Horn

Lloyd Hurlburt

Tyler Hutchings

Carole Jager

Kevin & Peggy James

Ryker Janis

Uncle John

Hannie Johnston

Mary Karr

Alta Keller

Robert Kennedy

Steve & Becky Kennedy

Bobby & Margy Kennedy

Judy Kiblinger

K & C Larive

R. C. Laugal

Janice Lavigne

Jack Layman

Joan Layman

Dorothy Leach

Bonnie Leach

Kristin LeClair

Beatrice Morris LeRiche

Arnold LeRiche Sr.

Andrew Litfin

Don MacMaster

Erin Ashley Magpie Glarum

David Marier

Jason Markley

Danny McKerring

Robert Timothy McKerring

Andrew Moore

Hannah Moore

Meredith Moore

Scott Moore

Ken & Colleen Mumma

Anne Negro

Charlie Negro & Family

Dalton Negro

Dorris & Larry Negro

Jane Negro

John Negro

Margaret Negro

Mark Negro

Sarah Negro

Wyatt Negro

John & Helen Obremski

Oscoda Brd. of Education

OAS Central Office

Norma Pack

Sean Pear

Diane Pippin

Mary Reitler

Doc Reynolds

Kathy Robinson

Irene Romans

Karen & Tom Ruedisueli

Mary Jane Ruedisueli

Tina Ruedisueli

Elise Schenk

Mike Schraven

Velma Sengelaub

William Sengelaub

Lee Shiflet

Margaret Shiflet

Michael Shiflet

David Shirkey

Janice Shirkey

Joan Shirkey

Paul Shirkey

Ronald Shirkey

Linda Skodack

Stan "Windex" Smith

Loni Smith

Pam Stalker

Irene Stanslowski

Jana Stepp

Dawne Toppa

Derek Toppa

Tracey & Art Toppa

George Trimmer

Jasmine Vargo

Olivia Vargo

Nancy Wainwright

Casey Whitney

Fran Whitney

Lil Young

Greta Zumbaugh

K. J.



Lights for Learning 2015

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