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2023-2024 Mini-Grants 


High School Staff Jamily Axline, Mike Olsen and Lynn Olsen

Self-Regulation Materials

They are piloting a program for 6th-8th grade students with the intention of moving it up to the High School level. The goal is to teach students to be better equipped to manage stress by using self-regulation strategies. These strategies and tools will help more students stay on task and miss less instruction time.


4th Grade Teachers Melissa Winters and Heather Hasty

CKLA Resources

As they begin implementing the new reading curriculum, CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) , large white boards will alleviate the use of chart paper and allow students to work in groups to complete story elements and grammar practice. They are purchasing large white boards for all students to use as they work through the curriculum.

K-5 Art Teacher Jamie Merdzinski 

Supplies for the Art Studio


The RES Art Studio serves over 800 students. As a studio-based teacher, Mrs. Merdzinski teaches students to self-direct, take risks and reflect. They repeat these steps over the course of the 55-minute course, 6 classes a day. Class sizes range from 25-35 students at a time. Students develop skills through exploration and play. Child development and the whole child it the heart of the course...The product is the child! The Art Studio also supports school projects as this classroom is the pulse of creativity. She supports past students in their creative endeavors as well.

Kindergarten Teacher Angie Cain

STEM Learning and Flexible Seating


This project focuses on transforming her classroom into a dynamic learning space through the integration of flexible seating and STEM materials. By providing students with a choice of seating options and equipping them with hands-on STEM resources, we aim to enhance their learning experiences and empower them to become lifelong learners.


7th Grade Teacher Karen Miller

Self-Selected Books: Select It, Read It, Recommend It!

This grant is being requested to help establish our 7th Grade ELA Classroom Library. The books would be utilized by both individual students and classroom book clubs. Our current curriculum supports students self-selecting their own independent reading books.


The goal of this project is to guarantee that each 7th grade ELA student has the opportunity to select from a range of books in both their interest and reading level. Giving students a choice in what they read and allowing them to self-select their books is at the heart of encouraging a love of reading. In turn, students will be given the opportunity each marking period to present a Book Talk on one of the books that they have selected and would recommend to a peer.


OHS Science Teacher Mike Berenkowski

Cross Country/Road Race Equipment

Mr. Berenkowski currently helps the Cross-Country team and other runs, such as the Spirit Run with times. Materials to streamline scoring of road races and cross-country races would improve overall quality of meets and fund-raising opportunities. The goal is to have equipment necessary to run a higher quality cross country meet as well as branch into fund raising run/walks for athletes and community.

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