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The OEOF was formed in December 1992. It started with a small group of  individuals who were committed to support Oscoda Area Schools staff and students. That small group was formed with dedicated volunteers representing the community, parents, OAS Board of Education, and OAS staff.  The beginning of the Foundation coincided with the closure of Wurtsmith Air Force Base. Their vision was to “partner the resources and passions of our generous donors with the compelling needs of our students.”


Those founding board members set up a process so that contributions could be made by gifts of cash, personal property, real estate or a planned gift such as insurance, a trust, or a bequest.  A Donor Club was established which has since been called the Owls Club.  Graduating Senior Scholarships were the first to be established. Later Mini-Grants for OAS staff were established for special projects, materials and programs to supplement the curriculum.  These grants also helped students attend various camps through out the years.   The last scholarship to be developed was the Continuing Education Scholarship which is for OAS Alumni who wish to return to school.


The first scholarships were awarded in June of 1993 to 4 seniors for a total of $250.  The OEOF has grown over the 29 years since its inception.  We have paid out over $1,000,000 during that time in Scholarships for Graduating Seniors, Continuing Education Scholarships for Alumni who wish to go back to school and Mini-Grants for OAS staff.   We have awarded scholarships to over 400 different students.  Many of those students received more than one scholarship as we have awarded 551 scholarships.


The Oscoda Education Opportunity Foundation is a grass roots effort to meet the needs of area students today and in the future.



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