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Jennifer McDougall, 
Lanuage Arts Teacher
Oscoda High School

Mrs. McDougall was awarded $580.00 for High Interest Reading Materials for High School Students.  These materials will be used as part of the Popular Novels course at the High School for 10-12 grades. This is a student-led class. The students set their reading calendars, select materials and guide all discussions.  

Nick VonZynda_edited
Sophia Shepard Jessica Clifton Lindsey Grant
Sienna Frei Andrea Gutierrez
Reese Shastal Anna Pike
Pop Novels Class foreground Tayton Baranek Henry Post III
Katie Thompson, Delaney Lamrock, Miranda Lentz
Jacob Malak Clarence Yax
Emily Beckius Miranda Lentz
Alona Smith
Title I Teacher
Richardson Elementary

Mrs. Smith was awarded $923.00 for a Robotic Club for grades 3-5. The purpose of this project is to initiate a Robotics Club.  This will provide staff and students the opportunity to explore elements of science, engineering, mathematics, critical thinking and problem solving in a fun and challenging way (STEM activities). Students will engage and better understand basic elements of mechanics, engineering design processes, physical science, team work, and problem solving. Teachers and students will learn through modeling how to incorporate STEM concepts into individual classroom activities and instrutional programs.  

Matt McDougall, 
Science Teacher
Oscoda High School

Mr. McDougall was awarded $700 for Salmon in the Classroom.  Salmon in the classroom allows students the opportunity to raise, care for and maintain the salmon in their classroom from fall until spring.  The program culminates at the end of the school year with the release of the young fish in a local watershed that feeds one of the Great Lakes. Students and teachers participate in a program to follow the life cycle of salmon from eggs, to hatchling to smolt, starting in the classroom.  Students in the program will develop skills in Science, Mathematics and Social Studies.  Additionally, they will learn more about the ecosystem they live in and are a part of developing the next generation of stewards for our community's future.  Mr. McDougall has partnered with the Lake Huron Sports Fishinging group in this project. 

Kathy Erickson,
Kindergarten Teacher Richardson Elementary

Miss Erickson, was awarded $600 to purchase a new more updated projector with speakers to use with the SmartBoard in her classroom.

With the help of the 1970's Alumni Class Renunion participants we were also able to grant two additonal
Mike Berenkowski
Science Teacher
Oscoda High School

Mr. Berenkowski was awarded $815 for the project Soldering Circuits and ROVs. Mr. Berenkowski requested funds for five soldering stations and toolboxes with basic tools for electronics. He also will purchase four higher power motors, wire, four dpdt switches and cable tether for upgrade of existing ROV to explore watershed environments with currents.


The Soldering Circuits and ROV's will provide students with a high interest opportunity to learn skills in team dynamics, decision making, utilization of an engineering process through designing, building, and problem solving when building a ROV for vairous missions. Students will also learn basic electronics, electronic schematics, soldering and circuitry.


This project is in collaboration with Alpena Community College and Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary which as already been established for ACC's Marine Technology Program.  Collaboration with Dr. Gleason from Grand Valley State University has been also established.

Tim Lee
Science Teacher
Oscoda High School

Mr. Lee was awarded $1,000 for 3D Printing with daVinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer. The da Vinci 2.0 3D printer is a device that prints 3 dimensional objects with specialized filament. The object is created through software, uploaded to the printer, and the printer uses the specifications to print the desired project.  The printer is unique, in that it can create objects with mulitple colors by using multiple filaments to produce desired product. While some 3D objects are pre-designed, this software allows users to personalize their product, based upon what it is bing used for.  This is a plug-and-play printer, meaning users can simply plug the machine in and gebin using, with little to no prior experience.

This feature will make it a great fit into the classroom, as there is limited time needed to learn the software of research how it functions.  Students can begin using this tool immediately and learn through hands-on experiences.  The purpose of this printer is to teach students the required course content, through a medium that is changing society.  3-D printing is a technology that is often used in commercial and industrial applications, however, this technology is becoming more abundant in small scale settings.  Currently 3-D printers have been used to build a functional car, create edible candy, and in the medical field to create skin, bone and other tisuues for people in need. This type of technology is drastically changing many fields and the possibilities are only limited by the imagination and determination of people using it.  By introducing our students to this, we are providing them opportunities to challenge their imagination and teaching real-world problem solving skills.


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