Amy Manick,

First Grade Teacher

Technology in the Classroom

Mrs. Manick was awarded $1,000 for tablets for students to work on Daily Language Arts Skills Essential for First Grade Students.


Here is a picture of three of Mrs. Manick's First Graders using their tablets as they are writing stories.

Rebecca Brooks,

Second Grade Teacher

Scootpad and

Book Adventure Books

Mrs. Brooks was awarded $504 for books and a Scootpad subscription. Scootpad is an app for tablets that allows the teacher to create assignments for individual students, create assessments, and reinforce activities. The app allows the teacher to monitor students in spelling, reading, writing and math. Book Adventure Books are additional books for the classroom which will allow the 2nd grade students to work on comprehension with additional high interest books.

Valorie Moeller, 7-12 Language Arts Teacher

Reading Appreticeship Improving Secondary Education (RAISE) Books

Mrs. Moeller was awarded $300 to purchase books as part of the RAISE program.  This program focuses on reading comprehension and encourages life-long reading. The books provide students with a variety of new reading materials at many interest and reading levels.

Tim Lee,

High School Science Teacher

Underwater Robotic Kit


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105_3546 moeller
105_3545 moeller
105_3544 moeller
105_3543 moeller
105_3542 moeller
105_3541 moeller
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Mr. Lee was awarded $989 for an underwater robotic kit, Open ROV. The students are able to build a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) adn use it to explore and research local water sheds.  In addition studnets will have the ability to discuss projects, research adn discoveries with individuals worldwide.  Staff members are able to use the ROV in a variety of science courses offered at Oscoda High School.

ROV 1 Lee
ROV 2 Lee
ROV  in water

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