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2022-2023 Mini-Grants
Fall Semester

Kindergarten Teacher Kristal Pidgeon
Flexible Seating

Flexible seating allows for the freedom for students to choose their seat and gives them the opportunity to learn in a more flexible way. This type of seating allows those who need that extra choice to have a seat that provides them with movement. The movement creates a learning environment that helps the student feel comfortable while learning. Mrs. Pidgeon shared the skills she expects her students to develop would be responsibility, decision making, and comfort when it comes to their structured learning. Learning responsibility while using a flexible seat helps them grow their independence as learners. Having the opportunity to be comfortable while learning will enhance their ability to focus on the lesson.

1st Gr. Teacher Anne Negro & 2nd Gr. Teacher Lorrie Mongeau
Social Emotional Learning

These pictures show Miss Negro’s 1st grade students using their journals to express themselves in a non-threatening way, organize their feelings, set goals and help them with self-awareness. These journals are part of the Social Emotional Learning program that students received from a Mini-Grant Mrs. Mongeau and Miss Negro received this fall from the OEOF. This program can help students feel safe and supported which in turn helps them master grade level standards and academics. When students feel safe and supported then they are more likely to master grade standards and academics.

5th Gr. Teacher Whitney Perkins
Better Number Sense
After learning her students’ math strengths and weaknesses, she learned that many of the students really struggle with basic number sense. Mrs. Perkin’s plan is to help students bridge their gaps. She received previous training in AVMR (Math Recovery) and would really like to use these materials and her experience to help her students. She stated when she used these materials previously “it was phenomenal”! She plans to help her students increase their basic number sense incredibly. She hopes to observe students as their imaginary light bulbs light up and smiles come to their faces as math finally starts to make sense to them!

K-5 Music Teacher Will Anderson
K-2 Instrument Kits

These kits will be used as tools of learning music concepts such as rhythm, tempo, phrasing of music, dynamics and more. These instrument kits would be used in each class and include: a small scarf that is a too used for younger elementary to help them understand phrasing, dynamics, articulation, and more, two single hand bells, rhythm sticks, and egg shakers which are all great and safe ways to teach younger elementary students concepts like rhythm due to their small size and ease of use for the smaller hands of K-2 students. We are hoping that with these instruments we are able to advance the knowledge of all our younger elementary students. Since we have not had a music class in many years, there are a lot of concepts and overall knowledge in music that students will need to learn about, so these tools for learning would be a wonderful step to help them expand their knowledge for music!

Winter Semester

OHS Science Teacher Mr. Berenkowski
Student Photography Display

OHS Science teacher Mr. Berenkowski received a grant to create an appealing display area for student photography. The display area will be utilized to display student photographs of their compositional techniques, student activities, sports and extracurricular activities within Oscoda High School. The display case will also provide and inviting display of student work that incoming visitors will view.  The goal  is for the Photography students to learn how to professionally display their work for others to view. It will also provide an opportunity for Photography students to enhance their photography skills through the art of storytelling using visual media.

OHS Science Teacher Mr. McDougall
Continue to Grow Project

Mr. McDougall, Science teacher at OHS also received a grant for the Continue to Grow project. This is an extension of an existing project.  His students have been growing plants for several years now successfully. These plants serve to teach about three key concepts. First the importance of vegetables for health and where our food comes from. Second, what is the  difference between native and invasive plants, including what a healthy local habitat looks like. Last, the importance of pollinators and how they can be supported.  The goal is to create self sufficient students that can select, grow and maintain plants that support a healthier person and local ecosystem.


These students are showing off part of the growing system in operation.

OHS Paraprofessional Mrs. Suszek
High School Library Improvements

OHS staff member Mrs. Suszek also received a grant for Improving the High School Library. She will use her funds to purchase some new books specifically tailored to the students reading interests.  The goal is to promote and develop a deeper comprehension and enjoyment of reading.

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