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Mini-Grants Awards

First Semester 

Megan Beglin, Christine Byrne and Katrina Shear, 6th Grade Teachers


Students will use their imagination in a hands on way to explore problem solving skills they have learned through their Math and Science classes.  Students will work in teams toward a common goal.

Lorrie Mongeau, 2nd Grade Teacher

Social & Emotional Learning

This grant supplies materials and activities that will provide students with tools to help develop and explore their feelings and emotions through a save and fun learning environment. 

Valerie Moeller, 8th Grade Teacher

Mythology Enrichment Class

The purpose of this class is to engage the students in reading and writing as well as some creativity and problem solving skills.  These materials will help with a "Pandora's Box" project. With high interest materials the students will hopefully engage in creativity and excitement.

Mrs. Moeller's 8th grade Enrichment is reading The Lost Hero in their Mythology Enrichment class.  They also read the story of Pandora's Box and each student got to create their own "Pandora's Box." We have been enjoying the materials that were purchased through the foundation grant that help to make our class extra engaging!

Tina Ruedisueli, Transportation/Community Education Director

Cassie Ortiz, Social Worker

Owl's Closet

The Owl's Closet has been developed to provide students clothes and products as needed. The hope is to help students to "fit in" as well as to help the families.  There is a wide variety of clothing for the students.  The closet is here for all High School students.

Second Semester 

Amanda Goodman 3rd Grade Teacher

Paddle to the Sea

This grant will purchase books for the Literary Unit based on the award winning book Paddle-to-the-Sea. Students will be able to use prior knowledge and connections with our state and build a deeper understanding of the Indigenous Peoples' culture, the Great Lakes waterways, natural resources, habitats and native animals in Michigan.  They will map out the journey a tiny boat makes through the Great Lakes. This unit will use Reading, Writing, Science, History and Geography skills.

We have just finished our unit of Paddle-to-the-Sea. Students enjoyed reading the story and learning about the various aspects of the Great Lakes region including features of each Great Lake, animal habitats, copper and iron ore, shipwrecks, the Erie Canal, waterways and currents, and so much more! After reading, students completed a book summary poster project and today we are sending off our own Paddle to the Sea in Lake Huron! Thank you so much for supporting our class with the mini-grant used to purchase the class set of books.

Anne Negro 1st Grade Teacher

Social Emotional Learning Resources & Tools

"Students need to feel safe, respected, and supported in order to do their personal best. Incorporating Social Emotional Learning encourages this to happen."  Social Emotional can improve class climate and student motivation.  It can reach students to self-regulate, become better problem solvers, and goal setters. The resources will also introduce students to different strategies they can use when their emotions are too big or overwhelming. The materials will also help them with setting goals, solving problems, and being more mindful.  All of these things will help the students be more successful.

The class has been adding tools and strategies to their school day to help them work through emotions, stay calm, refocus, and be ready to learn. Below are some pictures of the students practicing their new skills.

Stacey Schuknecht Sp. Ed.  OHS Teacher

Life Skills Equipment

This grant is to help create a cooking part of the Life Skills Program.  The project will help our students that need direct instruction with hands on learning in areas that most students acquire through observation. Small appliances will be purchased to help teach cooking skills. Her hope is to create a kitchen area in her classroom. Her hope is that it will become a class of its own outside of the Resource Room in the future.

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