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Mini-Grant Awards

2nd Semester Awards

OHS Teacher Mike Berenkowski:

Flash Forward is a project in which flash and accessory equipment will be provided for the cameras in Photography Class at OHS.  This equipment will provide another layer of creativity for students to delve deeper into their understanding of photography. The flash equipment will be utilized for close-up photography, bounce flash photography in portraits, creating composition lighting effects, soft light effects through filtered light, and front and rear curtain flash effects in photography,

OHS Teacher Matt McDougall:

Funds were awarded for continuation for a previous project involving the growth of different varieties of plants during the school year using aeroponic grow units.  This grant will support the transfer of plants grown from the aeroponic units to regular soil in preparation for transfer to handicap accessible gardens located outside the Biology classroom in the fall and spring.  Students work on concepts related to botany and environmental science.

OHS Middle School Teacher Val Moeller:

Reading Rocks is a project to encourage the Middle School students to want to read.  Funds have been granted to this project which will provide book trailers, book markers and books for Middle School students. Mrs. Moeller is planning on allowing the students to help select high interest books which will ultimately help them have a more positive attitude towards reading.

RES Enrichment Teacher Polly Masterson:

Tinkering with Tablets will allow students to be independent when sharing what they have learned with others. It will also give the freedom to work on technology outside of the computer lab. This will provide two more tablets for their STEM classroom.  Students in 3-5th grades use the tablets to take photos, create project videos, play Kahoot, remotely control robots and make stop motion videos.  They can use the tablets in the hallway, library or anywhere they are learning. It allows for the use of technology outside the computer lab

RES School Success Team:  Principal Tami Pichla, Assistant Principal Rebecca Brooks, Kathy Winchell and Katheryn Fouchey

Attendance Rewards will allow RES to have a monthly Golden Attendance award for the homeroom that had the top attendance for that month. This homeroom would get a celebration, such as a pizza party.  Another way they would like to reward good attendance is to be able to give a prize to all of our students who have perfect attendance. The purpose of the project is to try to improve attendance and reward students in the process. All students in the building can be a part of this by either getting perfect attendance or helping their homeroom win.

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