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Mr. Matt McDougall, OHS Science Teacher

Growing Sustainable Students

This project is for the High School Science Department and its students 9-12.  The project is called “Growing Sustainable Students.”  With this grant Mr. McDougall will be purchasing aeroponic and aquaponic plant growing equipment. In the short term this will allow our students to grow an assortment of plants in the classroom. Students using these materials will learn concepts from Biology, Chemistry, Ecology and Engineering.  Additional concepts that will be covered while using these materials will be sustainability and native species.  Another major component is learning ideas like where our food comes from, why certain foods are healthy for us, and how can we improve our community using native species of plants.

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Mr. Tim Lee, OHS Science Teacher

Boe-Bot Kit for Physics and Engineering

Boe Bot Kits are fully hands-on robotics kits, which provides the students countless opportunities to explore and create meaningful projects.  These kits are a great learning platform for exploring the world of cyber, electronics and entry-level programing. The purpose of this project is to allow students to opportuniteis to work through real-world scenarios in electronics, programming and problem solving. Students will have experiences to build, test and modify various projects with these kits and to problem-solve along the way. 

Mrs. Christine Perkins, OHS Math & Special Education Teacher

Graphing Dry Erase Boards

Watching a teacher perform an algorithm is far less effective than each student working on the problem on an individual white board with the teacher--watching, seeing, doing.  Students can model the process of solving problems visually, kinesthetically and auditorily along with the teacher.

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