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Continuing Education Scholarship for OAS Alumni

The Continuing Education Scholarship for OAS Alumni was established with money donated to the Oscoda Education Opportunity Foundation by the Oscoda Administrators Association.  Since that time the Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union has partnered with us in offering this scholarship twice a year. The scholarship is offered to any Oscoda Area Schools graduate who wishes to further their education.  The scholarship must be used toward the completion of post-secondary training.  This scholarship may be used for alumni:

  • who did not attend college or a vocational school directly out of High School;

  • whose college or vocational school was interrupted and they would like to continue their education;

  • who have a degree but would like to pursue an additional degree--they have an Associate Degree and would like to work on a Bachelor's Degree; have a BA or BS and would like to obtain a MA or higher.


The scholarship is an annual award and may be reapplied for each year. Applications must be submitted prior to the beginning of the semester requesting funds.  Applications are continually reviewed and may be awarded throughout the year.  If awarded a scholarship, funds will be available upon receipt of transcript or grade(s) for that particular semester.  

This scholarship is worth $1,000.


The Application can be completed and submitted by clicking the button at the top of the left.


The deadlines to apply are April 1, 2024 and again August 1, 2024.


Applications will continually be reviewed in August and April.


Questions can be emailed to


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