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2023-2024 Recipients

Haylay Kohlas:   Haylay is a 2019 OHS graduate who recently has gone back to school to work on an Early Childhood Education degree. 

2021-2022 Recipients

Samantha Deller:   Samantha is a 2009 graduate working on a teaching degree in Elementary Education.

Stephanie Martinez:  Stephanie is a 2010 graduate working on a teaching degree in Middle School Math and Science.

Alec Poland:  Alec is an OAS 2017 graduate as well as a MSU 2022 graduate with a BA in Political Science with minors in  Pre-Law, Justice and Public Policy. His is enrolled at the University of Toledo College of Law to pursue a Juris Doctor (JD) degree.

2020-2021 Recipients

Carley Powroznik:  Carley is a 2009 graduate of OHS. Carley has changed careers, began a family and is now working on a Secondary Education degree.  AAACU and the OEOF are pleased to be able to help Carley as she continues her education.

Chance Kruse:  Chance is a 2020 Graduate working on Automotive Service Technology.

Dana Hatfield:  Dana is a 1999 graduate who is currently teaching elementary students.  She is now working on her Masters Degree in Mathematics K-6

2019-2020 Recipients

Kali Skodack:  Kali is a 2013 graduate of OHS. Kali is working on her Masters Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling.

Taylor Johnson: Taylor is a 2016 graduate of OHS. Taylor is working on a Pre-Physicians Assistant Program with a focus in Exercise Science.

2018-2019 Recipients

Mikayla Erickson:  Mikayla is a graduate of the class of 2012. Mikayla is working on an Elementary Education degree in Language Arts and Integrated Science through Northern Michigan.


Monica  Yang:  Monica is a graduate of the class of 2014. Monica is pursuing a BS degree in Accounting through Northwood University.

2017-2018 Recipients

Amanda Haney:  Amanda is a graduate of the class of 2007. Amanda is working on a Masters Degree of Business Administration at Northwood University.

KayLee Charters:  KayLee is a 2013 OHS graduate. KayLee is pursuing a degree in Social Work through Ferris University.

2016-2017 Recipients

Mary Wood:  Mary is a graduate of the class of 2012. Since graduation she has been working on a teaching degree.  She graduated from SVSU in 2017 and currently teaching in Chesaning High School.  Her plan is to work on her Masters Degree in Special Education and then enroll in the Doctorate Program at CMU.  Congratulations, Mary!


Brian Perkins:  Brian is a graduate of the class of 2012. Since graduation he has been working on a BSN in Nursing.  He will be a member of the December 2017 graduating class.  His plan is to spend the summer in an internship program to gain experience in the field as well as support to finish his final semester. Congratulations Brian!

Danielle Kelly:  Danielle is a 2006 graduate. Since then she has earned an Associate of Applied Science in Architectural Technology a Bachelor of Architecture and completed over half of her Master of Architecture degree.  This will help her accomplish her goal.  Way to go Danielle!

2015-2016 Recipient

Vera Middleton:  Vera is a 1967 graduate. She started her college education in the fall of 2010. She completed her Bachelor's degree in 2014.  Her scholarship award of $500 is to help her as she is starting her Masters of Arts degree.  Congratulations Vera!

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